Goals & Outcomes

At Hamberley Neurocare, we understand that each individual's journey is unique, and therefore, their rehabilitation goals and definitions of success vary widely. 

For some, neurorehabilitation may involve reacquiring daily living skills to enable a return to independent living. For others, it may focus on preserving existing skills and managing the increasing impact of progressive conditions on their daily lives.

Certain individuals may require a concentrated effort on enhancing their physical health, clinical stability, and emotional well-being.

To support these diverse needs, we employ electronic care plans and hand-held devices for immediate and secure access to personal information.

Our measurable, partnership-driven approach to goal setting, regular reporting, and assessments instil confidence in individuals, families, and care commissioners that our rehabilitation strategies are tailored and effective for each person we support.

We focus on enabling residents to live with as much independence as possible by reducing the impact of these symptoms. This is achieved through a combination of specialist nursing care, therapeutic interventions, lifestyle adaptations and support so residents with these neurological difficulties can live a full and happy life.

We take the time to understand our residents – their likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, abilities, and wishes – to develop the goals and the outcomes people wish to work towards during neurorehabilitation.

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