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At Hamberley Neurocare, our interdisciplinary teams include Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine, neuropsychologists, specialist nurses, neuro physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech & language therapists, all supported by our Life Skills Specialists.

A Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine leads an interdisciplinary team at each service, ensuring a cohesive approach and close working with acute hospital services, community teams, and other care providers. 


Our interdisciplinary team of therapists support people to live with more independence, whatever their rehabilitation needs. Injuries or illnesses that affect the brain can cause changes in cognitive abilities, including thinking and decision-making, and impact emotional well-being, such as mood changes and stressed or distressed behaviours. 

  • Our neuropsychologist works with individuals who are experiencing these changes, and their families, with the goal of providing supporting strategies and enhancing well-being.
  • Neurological physiotherapists are trained to treat neurological conditions with the aim of providing interventions which help an individual to regain or maintain their maximum movement, strength and functional independence.
  • Occupational Therapists work to increase people’s independence in areas of everyday living, ensuring people can function in their environment, with adaptations where required.
  • Speech and Language Therapists support people who experience swallowing difficulties and communication issues, sometimes by using communication aids and adaptive equipment.

Specialist Nurses

Hamberley Care Homes Hamberley Care Homes Hamberley Care Homes Hamberley Care Homes

Our specialist nurses support individuals and families as they adapt to a new way of life, providing complex care within a supportive environment that promotes good physical, psychosocial, and mental health.

Our nurses support people with the symptoms associated with epilepsy, dementia and physical disabilities, including postural support, supported nutrition, and pain management. 

Life Skills Specialists

Life Skills Specialists (LSS) offer a revolutionary approach to neurocare and rehabilitation, leading to better outcomes for the people we support. 

LSS have a comprehensive role that reimagines the traditional carer into an enabling supporter, combining care, therapeutic and clinical input, and companionship, in one. 

Supporting neurorehabilitation in three fundamental ways, LSS provide opportunities for rehabilitation throughout each interaction, ensure knowledge sharing between different interdisciplinary approaches and enable rest and recovery. 

Questions about our team

Respite care is a versatile service designed to support a diverse range of individuals and their unique circumstances. At Hamberley Neurocare it is available to those who may require temporary support. This could be for a variety of reasons, including recovery from an injury, illness, or operation or for assessment and intensive rehabilitation to maintain independence.

However, the eligibility for respite care extends beyond these scenarios. Essentially, if there is any circumstance where someone might benefit from the support and services offered in a neurorehabilitation service, they could be considered eligible for respite care.

This includes those looking for a short-term change of environment, caregivers needing a break, or or more intensive short term therapy and support from the Interdisciplinary team.   

This is your home and we want it to feel like just that, so you are free to personalise your ensuite bedroom or private suite. 

If you want to make significant alterations then we may ask for a retained fee to return the room back to its original state once vacated. This is something you can discuss with our Regional Community Relations Lead. 

We welcome personalisation of our homes and wherever possible residents are encouraged to bring with them their favourite items of furniture.

All furniture is subject to suitability and risk assessment.

Absolutely, we provide a full laundry service for all our residents. This service covers everything from daily wear to bedding and towels. Our team takes great care in handling and returning laundered items in a timely manner.

Relatives are in regular contact with our Home Managers, nurses, and homemakers and our doors are always open to family members.

At Hamberley Care Homes, we operate an electronic care plan system where all care needs are documented. Your relative may give us consent to allow access to their personal Relatives Portal. This will give up to date information on what care has been given or is due.

Relatives and friends are always welcome to visit their loved ones in our homes.

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